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Kick-start yourself by going back to your educational philosophy!

I will always remember the words of a former college professor during my undergraduate degree and that is," for young children to have true success, it is best to KISMIF (keep it simple and make it fun)!"

Characteristics I have found to be most important for me through my teaching career are motivation, flexibility, service-orientated, supportive, understanding, and family-orientated.

Through my 24 years of teaching in Early Childhood, I have always revisited my educational philosophy that I first wrote in my undergraduate years and then revised during my graduate program. Revisiting it again, has inspired me to see how grounded I am in my foundations of early childhood development. Here is what I stand and advocate for:

* Children learn through play, music, movement, and language-based activities. It becomes a time for freedom, exposure to new materials, companionship, peer interactions, and support from adults to facilitate their learning.

* Family involvement is the key to a child’s success! Family involvement also consists of respecting that all parents have valid concerns for their child and many have needs of their own that need services.

* Children have different learning styles.

* Create an environment where children can practice their skills in various areas of development.

* Teach for understanding in an environment of trust, warmth, and concern for others.

* Strong sense of belonging, achievement, choice, opportunity and enjoyment.

-Until we meet again....